What type of bait to catch raccoons?

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I should stress two things: First, bait doesn't really matter. There are about a dozen things that are more relevant when it comes to successful raccoon trapping. Second, mere trapping and removal is not usually a complete solution to whatever raccoon problem you are having. If you want some good advice here is my guide on how to trap raccoons. However, please note that your raccoon problem, especially if the animal(s) are in the attic, will not likely be solved by mere trapping and removal. And unlicensed trapping is illegal in most states.

So, what is the best bait to catch raccoons? Raccoons are omnivores. They will eat anything. Some people think that pet food is the best bait, but pet food is more likely to catch ...pets. Or more specifically, stray cats and even stray dogs, on occasion. Or even a neighbor's pet cat. I recommend shying away from meat (which also lures in more possums) and sticking to sweets. Sweet corn is good, and so is white bread. But my favorite, and the best type of bait to catch raccoons is marshmallows, in my opinion. They're easy to use, sweet, and have that round, white visual appeal that raccoons love.

10 Best Raccoon Bait Ideas for Traps

So that's it then - what do raccoons eat - marshmallows. But please read one of the below articles as it pertains to your specific raccoon problem, because as stated, there's more to solving a raccoon problem than merely plunking a trap on the ground and catching the animal. raccoon trapping tips - raccoons in the attic - how to get rid of raccoons - raccoons in the pool - raccoon poop - raccoon removal - raccoon in chimney - raccoon pest control - raccoon damage - raccoon repellent - raccoon in the house - raccoon food habits

What kind of bait to use for raccoons - If your trap is set properly, or in the most effective manner, you might not even need bait. The best way to get a raccoon in your attic is to attach a cage trap to the den hole with some wire mesh. When you then enter the attic from the inside of the home, the raccoon will panic and bolt out the opening, hitting the pressure plate and shutting the trap. Any babies can then be found and removed. This is the same method used for trapping racoons in the chimney. A special trap is secured to the top of the flue, and the adult is then gently eased up the chimney and into the cage trap. If this type of trapping isn’t possible, you can bolt the trap to the roof of your home next to the opening or at the point where the raccoon makes her climb down the siding. If you have to set it up in the yard, you can use bread or marshmallows for bait. This way you do not attract other meat-loving animals like cats and skunks.

Real Raccoon Situation: Please help, we have 2 raccoons in my moms upstairs in her house, we cannot trap them, they are to smart. Do you have any suggestions, my mom does not want to kill them. I came across your website and I was wondering how much it would cost to come out to my home and get a raccoon out of my attic? I heard him the other night and again this morning so my husband said to try and find out if someone can come out and get him out. I already caught 2 raccoons in my attic. I sealed everything up thinking I had them all. I was wrong. I still have one remaining that is trap wise. I left one opening for it to come and go. I just can’t catch this one. Any suggestions? Is there any kind of special bait that will catch them for sure? Please let me know asap.

My response: I'm curious as to how you caught raccoons in your attic - a trap set in the attic? If so, that's very rare - raccoons don't usually enter traps in the attic. The type of bait that you use does not matter - a trap wise raccoon is a very difficult situation. But there are ways to take care of the problem, from special types of traps, to exclusion doors. I recommend at this point that you call in an expert.

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