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How to Kill a Skunk Without Spraying

It may actually be somewhat hard to control this. Even humans often crap their pants when they die. If you set a body grip trap, it'll sometimes work, and they'll sometimes spray. I'm guessing that if you're reading this web page, you're not a professional fur trapper, in which there's no chance that you're going to be setting one of these dangerous traps anyway. And don't forget: if you have trouble and want to hire a pro like me, someone with experience, click on this map of Professional Wildlife Removal Companies, and you'll find an expert in your town or city.

Shooting: As with any animal, you can also shoot the skunk, if it's legal to do so in your area.

Poison: Is there such a thing as poison for skunks? No, there is no legal or registered poison designed to kill skunks. Also, poison is a cowardly and inhumane way to kill something. If you absolutely must kill the animal, using either a body grip trap or shooting would be better.

Cage Trap: The easiest and most effective thing to do, actually, is the trap the skunk in a live cage trap. You can read more about how to do it by clicking on this web page: how to trap a skunk. Once you have done so, you could kill the animal, but it would be nice to relocate it five miles away from your house. Just drape a cloth over the trap, and you can safely pick it up and put it in the trunk of your car or bed of your truck and drive it away. I do know that in many states professional trappers (well, no one, actually) is allowed to relocate a skunk because it's a rabies vector species. The pros have gotten very good at how to kill a skunk without it spraying. They usually kill it by lethal injection. Although there are other trappers that say "screw the law!" and relocate the skunks anyway.

For more information on skunk biology and behavior, and for a recipe to remove skunk spray odor, go to my skunk removal information page.

Skunk Email From Reader: Good Morning, we have a skunk underneath our house in Mill Valley. We have seen him and heard him coming and going and we have smelled him as well. He has gained access to the underside of our house from a small door on the east side which also allows us access. It is a crawl space at least to get in there. My partner has left you a message this morning on your phone. We are anxious as we have two small dogs. Please call either of us asap. There is no need for us to meet you at the house as it will be obvious to you how to gain access as I have described it above. However if its necessary we will meet you there.

My Response: It'll be no problem to trap and remove your nuisance skunk, and to install an exclusion barrier around the perimeter of your home to keep out all wildlife, if you so desire.

Skunk Email From Reader: Hello - I was wondering if it would be possible for you to remove a skunk. I have him already trapped and in my backyard. I just don't know what to do with him now. Would you be able to come get him? Would there be a cost involved? Would you have to kill the skunk? Any information would be appreciated. I live in Greene County, VA. Thank you, Jennifer

My Response: Jennifer - I do not service your area, but someone on my nationwide directory does. It's very common for wildlife trappers to come help with skunks that other people have trapped. I don't know the laws in Virginia, so I don't know if the skunk will have to be killed or not.

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