Are skunks dangerous to cats, dogs or other pets?

Although skunks are treated like pets in some parts of the world, they are pretty demanding pet that you can have. In case they live next to your suburban home there are some facts which you have to know in order to protect yourself and your pets as well. Skunks are incorporated in the family of marten, weasel, badgers and skunks. They came in America 300 years ago in ships where they were used as controllers of mouse and rat population since they had greater success in it than cats. Throughout history they have been used to chase and kill rabbits, and in some part of England they are still trained so. If you are having rabbits as a home pet, and your house is nearby skunk habitat, think twice.

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Skunk belongs to family of carnivores. They have rough and hard canine teeth with very strong grip and bite. Small skunks have elongated and elastic body covered with soft fur with short and very moving legs. Their ears are small and soft, and their tail is long and covered with fur. Their eyesight is weak, they are often deaf, but they have an incredible sense of smell. As we all know skunks have a specific smell. In the breeding season the odor is more intensive and represents one of their main weapon when in conflicted situation.

To prevent them from visiting your house yard never live food outdoor after feeding your pets and by all means never feed them in order to domesticate skunks, after all they are wild animals. Another think you should never do is living your garbage cans opened. It represents food supply for them. All this is to prevent them from paying you a visit, and endangering your pet security. How can they harm your pets? The most important is that you are aware that skunks can pass bacteria and viruses on your pets if they are near them. The most harmful disease they can pass to humans and pets too is rabies. If you are seeing skunks during the day it can indicate that something is wrong with them. In situations like this is better to be safe then sorry meaning one should stay away from them. Best to do in cases like this is to contact Animal control and they we know best how to deal with it. Considering all this one should reconsider decision on having them as a house pets. Read the full guide What Are The Symptoms of A Sick Skunk? For more information on how to get rid of skunks, go to my skunk removal information page.

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