Can Skunks Climb Fences?

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Unlike other scavengers, such as raccoons and opossums, skunks are actually quite bad climbers. They give it a go, of course, attempting does that everyone knows won't be possible for them. Sometimes, they might just manage the daredevil feat too, although not usually with a lot of grace or elegance about them. The one thing they are, is determined. The same can be said for all wild animals that are just looking for a good meal.

Skunks, although pretty cute looking (thanks to Disney’s Bambi), are horrendous animals to come into contact with. There’s the spraying to worry about, for a start, and anyone who’s ever been sprayed by a skunk knows how many things you need to do to get rid of the stench. Sometimes, multiple times. Not only that, but sharp teeth and claws make them quite dangerous for your pets too. We wouldn't advise putting a dog or cat up against one of these black and white pests. They're bigger than you think they are, and they can put quite a bit of force behind an attack.

Skunks will use objects to help raise themselves in order to climb but, in general, they're not that great at climbing. When you know this, you know that building a fence will be able to help you protect your land. After all, these cute creatures wreak havoc wherever they go, leaving feces and urine all around the place, which serves as a transmission method for various diseases, but also as a bad smell and unsightly mess. Some waste matter, such as that left behind by rats, can even signal to other rats where food and shelter can be found. That's the last thing you're going to want in your back garden when you're trying to get rid of an animal — signals for more of it's kind to come a’knockin' too.

As well as leaving their mess all around the place, skunks also make a mess. If they can get into garbage cans and dumpsters, they will. They'll tear through garbage bags to get to leftovers and out of date food. They'll steal pet food if it's been left out, and some of them will even go after the bird feeder if they think they can gain access to it. Food is food, and when you're a wild animal, you need to take all the food you can get.

The first thing you will need to do when trying to get rid of a skunk from your land, is make sure that no food has been left lying around. That's the first thing that invites any wild animal into your territory.

Secondly, make sure you clean up any mess. Next to food, shelter is the next thing on the list that these nuisance creatures are on the lookout for. This could be piles of rocks of wood, as well as low-lying shrubs and more. If your land is free from whatever they're looking for, the skunks are not going to be encouraged to take a closer look.

A fence can be very handy when battling a wide range of nuisance animals. Skunks cannot climb, so a high enough fence with no items nearby to serve as platforms will give you protection from above the ground. With skunks, however, it’s not just above ground that will need to protect yourself. Sticking a fence around your garden will be pointless if you don’t add some protection -- a physical barrier of some form -- beneath the surface too.

Skunks cant climb, but they can dig!

Hardware cloth or steel hex wire can be used to create a physical barrier under the ground, and we recommend positioning this so that it sits in an ‘L’ shape. The bottom, horizontal part of the ‘L’ will prevent the creatures from burrowing UNDER, even if it does make it that far down.

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