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How to Get Rid of Moles in Yard

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If you have a mole problem on your property, then you are probably well aware that these beasts have to go. They simply are too much of a nuisance to ignore. They dig tunnels everywhere that cause a serious threat to yourself, your children, pets and livestock. One wrong step and a serious injury can occur. Read more about Mole biology.

There is also the problem of them destroying the garden or crops you have. The moles may see these foods as just as tasty to them as they are to you. This means you may find the mole enjoying a tasty salad of your garden vegetables instead of you.

Most people don't like the raised tunnels in the lawn or the mole hills. If you have a problem with a mole here are some solutions to the problem that may help you to rid yourself of these horrible animals.

The first place to begin is to make the entranceways no longer a viable option to get out of the tunnels. You can create a mixture of castor oil, hot water and dish soap that can help do the trick. Moles hate castor oil, so simply close up the holes and then pour the mixture over the dirt you used to close the hole. The mole will not like that hole area and will be forced to find another exit point. If you can keep moving the mole further away from your home you may force it far enough away.

It is a good idea to keep returning to add the mixture to the newly closed hole on a daily basis for a week. Also close any new holes and add the mixture to known foraging areas like gardens and garbage cans.

A big dog can be a great deterrent to a mole. Not only do dogs see these animals as something to go and annoy if not outright attack, but the dog will usually make a lot of noise when one appears. The barking will often scare away the mole. Be careful with this option however. Moles have very sharp front paws, and the last thing you want to happen is for your dog to get cut. Let it scare the mole but keep your dog at a bit of a distance.

Traps are one of the most common means to get rid of moles. You can use hollow traps to actually coral the mole where you can then take it and let it go somewhere else. This is for those who wish to be more humane in their treatment of the mole, but these traps don't really work, to be honest. You probably have to kill the mole. It is understandable if some simply want to get rid of the mole once and for all.

The two most commonly used traps to aid in this are the scissor trap and the harpoon trap. The scissor trap works quite simply. Placed at the entrance to the whole, the mole walks through the trap, setting off the mechanism. The trap then closes on it, and a spike lodges into the mole. The spike keeps the mole inside the trap. The scissor lock continually closes on the mole suffocating it until it finally dies.

The harpoon is a bit quicker acting. You simply take the legs of this trap and push them into the ground above a mole tunnel, the opening or a place where a tunnel will likely appear. As the mole hits the leg the harpoon mechanism shoots into the ground where it kills the mole quickly and with extreme prejudice. Once the creature is dead you simply leave it in its hole to be its grave.

There are also a few poison options you can use. The most effective of this is to leave a poison at the entrance of the tunnels that the mole can walk through. As it does so it gets the poison on its paws and belly. This is absorbed into the skin or is ingested during bathing and the mole becomes poisoned and dies. This can be very effective.

Some have chosen to poison the tunnel system with gas, but this can be quite dangerous. The mole may not be the only creature that is poisoned, as the ground will absorb these gaseous compounds and you could effectively kill most of the plants and wildlife around the tunnel area. Also your children or pets may breathe that in and get sick as well. That will not do.

There are also commercial products that you can buy that are fairly good as repellants. They should be placed that the entrances of tunnels and near known areas where the animals well forage for food. It makes no sense to put this around your property like a perimeter because the mole will just dig right under and get into your property anyway. You have to employ this in places where it can directly affect the mole.

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