Is A High Pitch Sound Deterrent Machine Useful Against Skunks?

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The skunk is generally an easy-going animal and it helps in eliminating common insect and rodent pests. In spite of this, its natural musky scent and the matter of the notorious defensive spray means that most home owners loathe having skunks around. Not to mention its destructive activities in lawns and gardens.

The high pitch sound deterrent machine is an electronic repellent that is well backed with lofty claims as to its ability to repel wildlife. These machines emit a high frequency sound that is targeted at confusing and scaring the skunk away. This high frequency sound measures at about 20000 Hertz, which is higher than the normal frequency that is picked by human ears. Skunks and other animals can however hear this sound because of their supersonic auditory system. Being inaudible to humans makes the machine better suited for use around residential areas, although domestic pets with supersonic hearing ability may have some problems with it. The machine is usually powered with electricity or battery.

Different brands of high pitch sound deterrent machines exist in stores and some examples are Bird X high pitch sound emitter, Ridex sound emitter, Bell and the Howell high pitch sound emitter. They are environment-friendly, so can be used anywhere from yard to porch, shed, roof, garage, garden, patio, workshops, barn etc.

What happens is that the skunk gets repelled initially, but keeps coming back as long as there is food to be eaten on your property. With time, it adapts to the sound and becomes mostly unaffected. Truth is, keeping skunk away is beyond the scope and power of any repellent, even electronic. The struggle for survival is real for these animals and they almost always find a way around our repellents. The most effective way to deter skunk is to remove all attractants and structurally exclude them from your premises. If you already have a skunk neighbor, humanely remove them with live traps and carry out repairs to block all entry points to your property. You may want to hire a wildlife professional to skunk-proof your house.

The success rate recorded for electronic repellents falls really short of most buyers’ expectation and it can thus be concluded that high pitch sound deterrent machines are not effective in repelling skunk.

Coupled with their ineffectiveness in banishing opossums from your property, most sound deterrent machines are also expensive to purchase. Wildlife professionals would tell you the only effective method of ousting these pests is to trap and remove them.

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