Property Modifications That Will Keep Away Pigeons

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Trying to keep pigeons away from a property, whether it is public, commercial or domestic, can be quite a challenge in those areas where there is a significant population of the birds present. This can be a problem that can lead to health risks caused by the birds, along with the unsightly stains that are caused by the pigeon feces which will then need to be cleaned. Although you won't always be able to guarantee that there is nowhere on the property a pigeon may land, there are many spots where you can make changes to reduce the pigeon population staying around the property.

Using Pigeon Netting On The Roof

There are many areas on a building's roof where a pigeon can land, and if these areas are flat or have a natural trough where a pigeon can build a nest, these areas will be at risk of pigeons landing there and starting to nest. This causes a lot of problems and attracts other birds to the area, so using anti pigeon netting to cover that part of the roof, and preventing the birds from landing will help to reduce the population actually able to live on the property.

Deterring Pigeons From Landing On Windowsills And Ledges

Another reason why a building can start to develop a population of pigeons living in and around it is that it offers plenty of places for the birds to land and to perch. Using pigeon spikes or pigeon shock tracks that are placed on these windowsills and ledges will prevent the birds from perching on these areas, and will then drive the birds elsewhere.

Ensuring The Roof Area Is Well Maintained To Prevent Access To Roof Cavities

One of the biggest issues can happen when pigeons find a way into an attic or roof cavity around the top of a property, and sometimes holes in these areas can develop without the people below noticing. Making sure the roof is regularly maintained and checked will help ensure that infestations within the roof cavities are kept to a minimum, and where possible prevented altogether.

Can Repellents Help Reduce Pigeon Populations?

Some people may spray repellents around properties regularly or install audio repellent devices to try and keep the birds away. The fact is that these repellents are rarely effective, and funneling any investment into other areas of the property modifications will be most effective at preventing a pigeon problem from developing.

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Material for Excluding Pigeons

When you are carrying out pigeon exclusion work, one of the things to remember is that they can be birds of habit, and have a good instinct for returning to the same location time and again. When they have discovered a location which offers safety or food, then they will want to return to that place, which is why work to keep pigeons out will need to be done to a high standard. Although they may not have hugely tough beaks or claws, they can still be quite persistent animals, so it is important to ensure that the materials used are tough enough to keep the pigeons out.

Metal Flashing

This is often used when carrying out repairs on small holes in surfaces like wood or around awkwardly shaped holes where the repairs would otherwise be difficult to complete. As it is metal it is quite durable and resistant to pecking by the birds, and provides good protection for the area where you are trying to keep the birds away from.

Wire Mesh

Wire mesh is often used when you are carrying out temporary work, and can be used to create a small flap to allow pigeons to exit a building but to prevent them from getting back in, or it can be used to cover the gaps around an exclusion funnel to stop pigeons from getting around the funnel. Once the work has been completed and the pigeons are excluded, make sure to replace this with a more permanent repair.


Some of the exclusion funnels that you can purchase will be made of toughened plastic, and this is usually good enough to carry out the exclusion work, as it cannot be easily broken by the birds. However, as with all such work, ensure that once you have successfully excluded the birds, the funnels should be removed and a permanent repair made of the hole that was being used by the pigeons.

Using These Materials Effectively

The most important thing about carrying out exclusion work is that you take the time to do the work properly, as hurried work will often lead to overlooking other holes in the small areas of the area you are trying to exclude the birds from. It is also important to make sure that you are fixing the materials correctly, as pigeons are not strong, but they are persistent, so if it is badly fixed to your property, it can also lead to the exclusion work being ineffective.

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