What Should You Do If A Pigeon Gets Inside Your House?

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Pest animals are a serious problem even if they are only causing issues in your garden, but on the rare occasion that they do find their way into the living quarters, they can cause some serious damage before they are removed. If you do encounter a pigeon that has found its way in, try not to come into direct contact with the animal where possible, as they will often carry disease. The key aim is to get the bird out of your house as quickly and effectively as possible, and here is how you can try to achieve that.

Opening A Window Or Door

The first step is to look at the room in which the pigeon is located, and to see if there are any windows or exterior doors that can be used as an exit point for the animal. If you open the door or window as wide as possible, the pigeon will usually sense the source of fresh air and make its own way out of your home. If there are no exterior doors or windows in the room where you found the pigeon, open an interior door and create a route out of your home.

Guiding A Pigeon Towards The Exit Point

If the pigeon doesn't show any signs of leaving the room of its own volition, then you can try to use a broom to try and usher it towards the exit point that you have opened for the bird. If you are guiding it towards a door, you can also try to lay a trail of seed to draw the bird towards its freedom.

Trapping And Removing The Animal

If the pigeon is hiding on top of furniture or behind a large piece of furniture, you will often have no choice but to trap the animal and carry it out of your home. A plastic washing up bowl or cardboard box will often be effective enough if you can get close to the animal too, as you won't always need expensive equipment.

Cleaning And Disinfecting The Area

Once the pigeon is removed, you will need to make sure you clean the area thoroughly. If the bird found its way into the kitchen, make sure all of the surfaces are disinfected, and if there is any food on the worktops, make sure it is removed in case it is contaminated. Elsewhere in the house, wash the bedding and furniture covers for anything the pigeon may have touched, while shampooing the carpet is also a good idea.

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Do Animal Services or the City Help with Pigeon Issues?

There are many people who will consider that they should receive support from their local authorities when they have an animal problem, but the perception of what the local animal services departments will do is actually often distorted. The idea of having a local service that will deal with animal problems for free is certainly an attractive one, but in reality there are next to no places where the local animal services department will actually help with a pigeon problem. There are some areas of guidance and advice they can offer, and if you are going to use lethal means in some cases they can assist with dealing the carcasses, but you will usually be on your own when you are dealing with a pigeon infestation.

The Role Of City And County Animal Services

The main area where city and county animal services will step in is when there are pigeons that are causing a nuisance in a public area, and they will often take steps to deal with areas where there are significant amounts of pigeons that are gathering. The other area where such services will step in is if there is a significant health risk to the general public, and this is very rarely the case if there is a pigeon infestation in a domestic property, as it will not really affect the public at large.

What Advice They Can Offer

One area where it can be worth contacting city or county animal services departments is if you are unsure about what you actually want to do to deal with the pigeon issue, and whether or not it is legal to carry out the actions you intend to take to deal with the problem. It is also worth checking with your local animal services department if you are struggling to find a suitable professional that can help you to deal with a pigeon infestation.

Finding A Suitable Professional Company To Deal With Your Pigeon Problem

There are plenty of directories online that can point you in the right direction if you need to find an expert who can deal with pigeon removal, although your local city or county animal services may be able to refer you to a suitable company, as can your local veterinarian. Make sure that you hire somebody who has experience in dealing with these birds, and it is also worth asking how they will solve the problem, and if they mention using poison then make sure that you steer well clear.

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