Should You Feed Pigeons?

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The question about whether or not you should feed pigeons is one that will largely depend on your own perspective of the birds, and whether you view them as a natural part of our urban landscape or whether you view them as a nuisance. There is no doubt that if you are throwing seeds or breadcrumbs for these pigeons in open areas that they will congregate around you, and some people enjoy having this kind of contact with birds, and getting to see them up close. However, there are also problems that are caused by feeding pigeons, and as the birds will naturally return to places where they have been fed, it can lead to the birds plaguing one particular area.

Why People Feed Pigeons

The contact between pigeons and people has long been a tradition, back to when the majority of pigeons were actually domesticated birds that were kept by people either for racing or for communication purposes. This legacy, and the fact that most pigeons are from a genealogy where they used to be in regular contact with people make them quite friendly birds, and people react to this friendly approach rather than the snatching that you will see from some birds.

Problems That Can Arise From Feeding Pigeons

One of the biggest issues that feeding the pigeons in some areas can cause is that it will attract other pigeons to congregate in the same place, and in terms of those who have homes or businesses in that area, the birds can become a real nuisance. The other issue to consider is that these birds will all have to nest somewhere, and this can mean a greater number of birds looking for nesting spots and leading to further damage in this way too.

How Different People Can React To Pigeons

Some people will have an affinity for animals, but an affinity for pigeons is quite a different thing, as it requires the personality to remain calm when tens of the birds are flapping their wings around them. Because of the unpredictable nature of the flying birds, and the fact that they can seem to swarm around people at times, others are very nervous about pigeons, which is a different issue.

The Nuisance Caused By Pigeons

The main problem that is caused by feeding pigeons is that the birds can become more confident and try to steal food from people, while they can also start to follow or congregate around people who have food in public spaces. Whether or not you should feed pigeons is up to you, but bear in mind the effect that this can have on others who are using the same public spaces.

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