Best Ways to Remove Pigeon Feces from Concrete

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Pigeons are well known for the amount of droppings that they produce, and anyone who has had the misfortune of being beneath them as they release their droppings will know that it is not necessarily a pleasant substance to deal with. However, in many cases where there is an infestation of pigeons in a building, then you can find floors and walls that are coated with their droppings, which certainly sticks quite firmly to the walls and floors in question. Getting rid of these piles of feces then can become a difficult job, and the longer that the problem is ignored, then the more challenging that removing the pigeon feces will be.

Dealing With The Pigeons Causing The Problem

The most important thing to do before you even consider cleaning the feces is to make sure that you have dealt with the pigeons that are causing the problem in the first place. One of the most common situations where you have pigeon feces on concrete will be inside commercial buildings, and in these situations you will often find that the pigeons are roosting inside the roof of a building, in the eaves of that particular area. One of the simplest ways of doing this is to pin a netting with a fine mesh that covers the area of the roof, preventing the pigeons from getting up there to roost, which will force them to find somewhere else to make their nests.

Health Precautions To Take As You Remove The Droppings

Although small amounts of pigeon droppings don’t carry too much of a risk to people, if you are dealing with a significant amount of pigeon droppings, then there are potential health risks to being exposed to the droppings. This will generally come from the fungal spores that are often found in the droppings, and these can then become airborne and be inhaled when the feces is disturbed during the cleaning process. For this reason, it is recommended that you wear a breathing mask and goggles when dealing with pigeon droppings, especially in confined areas where the spores can accumulate.

Disposing Of The Droppings

While professionals will often have a special vacuum that they can use to pick up any loose droppings, most people will use a shovel or a trowel to pick up the majority of the droppings, and then place these into a garbage bag. For the feces that has caked on to the concrete surfaces, there are special commercial cleaners that are specially designed to remove bird poop, while many people will find that pressure washing the concrete will also remove much of the caked on droppings. Once you have removed all the droppings from the surface, many people will also spray a disinfectant over the surface to ensure that any of the fungal spores or other particles that could be harmful are dealt with too.

Preventing A Recurrence Of The Issue

The difficulty with many of these types of buildings where concrete can become caked with pigeon droppings is that the surfaces and areas of the building are difficult to protect from roosting and flying pigeons. There are several techniques that can be used, and this can include installing pigeon spikes on window sills as well as using the pigeon repellent netting in the eaves of buildings where you cannot totally keep the birds themselves out. The key to preventing pigeons from coming back to the building and causing further problems with their droppings is to maintain your vigilance and to be aware of when they return, and then to get rid of the birds promptly.

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