What Are Some Humane Mouse Traps?

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One of the most common types of pest animals to be found in and around the domestic home, mice do not immediately seem to be a major threat, as they are small and quite cute to see, while their representations in the media also help the cute image of the mouse. However, the reality is that these small creatures are actually almost as much of a problem as their more feared cousins, rats, and will usually need to be dealt with in a similar way. Trapping mice is one of the best ways of dealing with the problem, and while there are a variety of different traps to be found in shops and hardware stores, some are certainly more humane than others.

What Types Of Humane Traps Are There For Mice?

The most common type of mouse trap is one which has been seen and depicted in so many films, cartoons, magazines and other publications, and the simple snap trap with its spring loaded bar is still one of the most humane options for dealing with a mouse infestation. Another type of trap is known as the crocodile trap, and while it is still a spring loaded trap, this actually snaps shut with jaws of either metal or hardened plastic teeth around the mouse. While the spring loaded traps are fairly humane and kill the mice quickly, you can also have gas and electrocution traps that will also kill the mouse humanely and with very little pain, but these do tend to be more expensive.

Placing Your Traps

When it comes to dealing with mice quickly and efficiently, then traps are very useful, but as well as choosing the right traps, positioning the traps is just as important when it comes to trapping mice. The key here is to identify the places where they are most active, and then to place the traps in these areas so that the mice encounter them and will be attracted towards the bait in the trap. Identifying the areas where they are active can take a little more time, so you will be normally looking around dark corners, or around the bottom of the walls for signs of activity such as small droppings and for signs of chewing around food and pet food containers, so these will be good places to place your traps.

Can You Catch And Relocate Mice?

This is one of the most common misconceptions about humane animal removal, because while there are some animal species that can be relocated and then continue to thrive, mice are very much creatures of their area and struggle to survive relocation. Relocating mice in another urban area means that they will just become a nuisance for other people in the area, while relocating them in a different type of habitat means they won’t be able to find food and a suitable nesting spot. For these reasons, most people wanting to deal with mice humanely will do so with traps that deal with them quickly, rather than trapping and relocating the mice.

Mouse Traps To Avoid

While the humane options available for dealing with mice can be very effective at dealing with a mouse infestation, there are also different types of traps that you should avoid. You should certainly avoid any homemade traps that are often mentioned online that actually lead the mouse into a container of water so that they drown. Glue traps are another common type of trap available, but while the mouse is stuck to the trap it can take the animal a very long time to die, so you certainly shouldn’t use this type of trap either.

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