Are Groundhogs Good Pets?

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When it comes to choosing animals to live alongside humans, there are some people who choose some rather unusual animals, and for the groundhog at least, it is not an animal that naturally adapts particularly well to being domesticated. There is no doubt that the animal can be quite cute, and the little whistling noise it makes is actually quite attractive, but the reality is that groundhogs are very challenging animals to keep as pets. There are a small number of dealers who may be able to sell you a groundhog raised in captivity, and you certainly shouldn't try to domesticate a wild groundhog yourself.

The Destructive Nature Of The Animal

Like other rodents, the teeth of the groundhog never stop growing, which means they will have a natural inclination to gnaw, and while in the wild they will have roots to chew, they can destroy furniture and all kinds of things with this habit. Groundhogs are also natural diggers, so they will need a cage which allows them to dig, but only in a particular area of a yard or garden, otherwise they can burrow beneath houses and outbuildings.

Can You Train A Groundhog?

Groundhogs are naturally quite stubborn animals, and they are not naturally inclined to be particularly welcoming to the idea of commands. One of the things to learn about groundhogs is that you will either need to keep them outside, or accept the reality that they will never really be properly house trained, let alone getting them to follow commands.

Diseases And Parasites

One of the most important reasons that people should not consider adopting a wild groundhog as a pet, even if it is found as a baby, is that the animals are simply too likely to be carrying some kind of disease along with parasites such as ticks and lice. There is also the difficulty in getting veterinary treatment and vaccinations for groundhogs, as very few veterinarians will have the experience to deal with groundhogs.

What You Need To Understand About Adopting A Groundhog As A Pet

Groundhogs are not a natural pet, and they will not be the kind of kiss and cuddle furry animal that you will be able to hold in your arms on a regular basis. Adopting a groundhog as a pet is a huge commitment, and over years you may develop a bond with that animal, but it is vital that you fully consider your choice, as rehoming a groundhog is an almost impossible task.

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