Best Ways to Repel Coyotes

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There are actually quite a few repellents that you could turn to when you have a coyote issue on your property. The good news is that many of them are inexpensive to buy, relatively easy to apply, and can occasionally work. The bad news is that many of them don't work at all, can be very costly in the long run, and actually come with more than their fair share of negative side effects that we’re sure you weren’t counting on.

Let’s take ammonia-soaked rags as one example. There are endless websites suggesting this as a way to get rid of a wide range of wild critters. It might do that, but there's an even higher chance that the animal will become injured as a result of the corrosive substance. There’s also a chance that you could cause harm or injury to your own pets, your kids, or even yourself and other adults in your home. Leaving dangerous chemicals around your home or yard is an incredibly bad idea. Just take a look at the dangers associated with the acid, and you’ll have a greater understanding of why you should avoid it:

High amounts of ammonia can cause problems with the respiratory system and eyes, and can cause blindness or lung damage with prolonged exposure. In some cases, inhalation of ammonia gases can even result in death.

If you or an animal were to come in contact with the corrosive substance, it would most certainly cause burns or irritation.

Moth balls are another commonly used repellent in the fight against coyotes (as well as other critters). Moth balls are actually quite toxic, containing one or both of these two ingredients: paradichlorobenzene or naphthalene. Both of these are TOXIC chemicals. There are also studies investigating whether or not there is a direct link between moth balls and cancer. The smell of moth balls is a pungent one, but it's the side effects of that gas that you should worry about. As much as it might very well repel various wild creatures (there’s no evidence to support this), the gas might also cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, and other definitely unwanted side effects.

The point of a repellent is to repel, and when you’re talking about an animal that can grow as large as the coyote, you can understand why some of these more “natural” methods just don't work. A moth ball can easily be kicked aside, and rats do this, so a coyote is definitely going to have no worries doing the same thing.

Of course, you could always put your trust in one of the more electronically-powered repellents, and these include things such as noise and light machines, as well as using sprinklers on a motion sensor. You will need to think about the running costs involved in these, of course, and solar-powered ones are obviously going to be the cheaper option. You will usually find that these can often be the most expensive to ones to buy outfight, however, and that’s what you will need to weigh up.

If you are looking at repeatedly or constantly paying out to use repellents to get rid of coyotes, it might be better worth looking at investing in a professional wild animal control and removal expert instead. Fully licensed and insured, as well as educated much more than the average homeowner on wild animals and their habits, you’ll often find that, long-term, the experts actually provide the cheapest option.

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