Coyote Prevention & Repellent Review

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Below are some coyote prevention tips. I've also analyzed some repellents, but be forewarned - they aren't actually terribly effective.

A coyote is one of those types of animals that will eat just about anything they can find. They learn to adapt to a number of different environments which is the reason for them not being picky when it’s time to eat. When they’re hungry, they’re never concerned about what’s on the menu so if you’ve been seeing them in your yard frequently, then it’s time that you do something about it. Read the guide Ways to Remove Coyotes from Sheds or Porches.

Eliminate Food Sources
You already know that coyotes will end up on people’s property when they’re looking for food. So, if they continue to come back, that means that your property must be full of wonderful cuisines that the coyote just can’t get enough of. If you have pets that you allow to come in and out of the house, avoid letting them or their food stay out overnight. Eliminate those woodpiles, keep the bushes trimmed and bring in your bird feeders before dark. All of these things attract other rodents and insects that the coyote likes to eat. By eliminating their food source, you can eliminate the coyotes’ as well. Clear your yard of any fruit or seeds that may have fallen during the daytime and keep outside trash cans securely locked using bungee cords. This will prevent the coyote from knocking it over and getting into it.

Odor Deterrents
Smell has been used for a long time to keep coyotes away and their numbers from increasing. Most commonly used is wolf urine, moth balls and rags soaked in ammonia. These deterrents can be positioned around your yard to keep coyotes from entering. These deterrents can also be used in your outside trash cans to deliver a strong smell that masks the odor of food. However, these types of deterrents have to be continuously reapplied and can be quite expensive to maintain.

Motion Activated Lights, Sprinklers and Noise
Have you ever watched your mom when she has caught a stray animal snooping around in her cat’s food outside? She might bang on something to frighten the stray so that it’ll run away. That is how motion activated devices work. A quick squirt of water that comes out of nowhere, flashing lights and even sudden loud noises will definitely send the coyote running. Just like humans, they scare when the unexpected show up. These devices can cover large areas depending on the brand. However, it is quite possible for the coyote to realize that someone’s playing a trick on him if he comes back to try his luck again.

Fences / Coyote Rollers
Electric fences and regular fences are also used to deter coyotes but when using them it’s very important to keep in mind that coyotes will climb a fence if it’s not at least 5 feet high. Their front paws allow them to climb while their back legs allow them to push the rest of the way up if needed. Believe it or not, these treacherous animals can dig under a fence as well if they see something worth getting to. The fence needs to be at least 8 inches under the ground.

Electric fences work a little differently than a wire fence because it doesn’t have to be as high. The thing is that the coyote will feel as if he can get through by trying to pass through the holes or gaps in the fence. Yet, he will be met by a surprise that will encourage him to move along to an area that is less “electrifying.” This, however, can backfire as not only can the coyote get a jolt, but so can other animals including your pets and small children and adults as well.

Coyote rollers can be added to a wire fence because it keeps the coyote from getting a grip with his back legs that will allow him to push himself over the fence. These rollers are designed with a coyote’s jump, leap and run in mind which is why they’re supposed to be effective. The idea is to keep the coyote from getting over the fence and into your yard. Your wire fence can be modified for these rollers or you may have to build a new one. Fences are effective but can cost money and quite a bit of labor. Read the full guide Best Ways to Repel Coyotes.

For more information, go back to my main coyote removal page or the how to get rid of coyotes and about coyotes pages.

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