Bat Urine Removal And Urine Stain Removal

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Many people who have had a bat infestation or seen a colony of bats will be very familiar with the amount of droppings that these little creatures can produce, and it is not uncommon to see a colony have a pile of several feet of droppings on the floor below where the bats hang. However, when it comes to bat urine fewer people are aware of these stains, and what you can actually do to clean them up. In many cases the urine and the droppings will collect in the same place, and the urine will pick up some of the feces to further darken the color of the stain, to make it even more unsightly.

Problems Caused By Bat Urine

While bat droppings are known to carry a number of different diseases, bat urine is not particularly harmful to people, although it is more the effect that it can have on the materials it comes into contact with that is a concern. Bat urine actually has a high concentration of uric acid, and this means that the urine itself is actually fairly corrosive. For this reason, anywhere that the bat urine comes into a repeated contact with, namely surfaces including fabrics, metal and wood can see some corrosion of these surfaces. In some cases, this can be quite severe, which will ultimately mean that those materials need to be replaced.

Where Are These Stains Found?

Bat urine stains will usually be dark muddy looking stains, and the most common place to find them is actually in the area beneath the bat’s roost, and around domestic properties this will usually be in the attic of a property. Another common area where the stains can build up, particularly with larger bat colonies that have been established for some time, will be on the wall below where the exit points from the bat’s roost in a roof space. There are plenty of other areas where the stains can develop, as any location which has bats present for long enough will see a buildup of the urine itself.

How To Clean The Urine

The first step here is actually get to the urine itself, as in many cases you will need to vacuum and scrape up all of the guano, in order to gain access to the stained area below, unless these are stains on the walls on the outside of the property. For soft surfaces such as insulation in a roof area, this will need to be replaced, but harder surfaces should be sprayed with a disinfectant cleaner and thoroughly scrubbed to remove the stains. In some situations where the stains are unsightly and are not easily removed with a hard surface cleaner, you may need to replace these surfaces too, or paint over them with the appropriate paint to bring the area back to its former condition.

Preventing Future Bat Urine Stains

The truth is that in order to prevent the bats from continuing to build up bat urine which will lead to continuing stains, you do need to get rid of the bats, or at least get them to move to a new roost outside of the building where they are causing problems. There are plenty of professionals who can help you to get rid of the bats, as it can be difficult to deal with the problem yourself unless you have experience. Bat exclusion will require a thorough examination of the area where they are roosting to find all of their entry points, and then installing exclusion netting or funnels to allow the bats to leave, but preventing them from getting back into that area.

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