Bat Poison - How to Poison a Bat

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I'm assuming you found this page because you have a problem with bats in your house or building. I have great news - you can definitely solve your bat problem 100%, all the bats gone permanently. I also have important news - using poison won't work, and is the worst way you can go about it.

Bats are easy to remove - they fly out of the house / attic / building roost every night all on their own. So all you've got to do is install a one-way exclusion device, like a one-way door or exclusion netting, and they'll fly out, and then not be able to fly back in, and your problem is solved! Doing this successfully all depends on making sure that every possible tiny entry point into the building is sealed shut, so that they cannot fly back inside.

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But if you attempt to use poison to kill the bats, you will have a few big problems:

  • Bats are not insects. There are no registered or manufactured poisons designed to kill bats.
  • If you do use an insecticide, like tenting your house for bats, not all of them will die. Many will crawl down the walls and find their way into the house.
  • The bats you do manage to kill will now rot and cause an unbelievable odor problem and biohazard in the house.
  • Killing a colony of bats is HIGHLY ILLEGAL. If anyone finds out, you'll face enormous fines or even jail time.
  • Bats are great animals - each bat lives more than 10 years. If you kill a whole colony, you're wiping out thousands of years of life. Don't do it. Please just do a proper live bat exclusion - it's easier, cheaper, far more effective, and more humane.
  • Poison WILL NOT SOLVE the problem. I've seen it attempted a few times. Many of the bats don't die, many escape, the holes in the house are still there, and the bats just keep living there, and come back. Poison won't do it!

Here are some bats that were actually poisoned at a warehouse. After a $13,000 fine (it should have been higher), and after they realized that poisoning did not solve the bat problem, they hired me. I took care of the problem completely in just three days. The warehouse is now permanently bat free. It's a shame that they killed hundreds of bats though.

The other problem with that warehouse job is that the bats that were killed by poison really made the warehouse smell bad. The rotting dead bats in the above photo really smell horrible. And when they used the poison, a ton of bats crawled out of their roosting areas and into the warehouse. It was a big mess. What a horrible idea! It was so easy for me to set exclusion netting to solve the bat problem permanently with no problems.

Here's a pile of bat bones at a condominium that poisoned their bat colony. Of course, all they ended up with was a horrible odor and several frightened bats climbing into the condo units, which resulted in huge PR nightmares. Of course poisoning the bats didn't solve the problem, so a few months later they called me out to actually take care of the problem for good - I did it quicker, cheaper and FAR more effectively than the pest control company they hired (who BROKE THE LAW) by the way, with their horrible attempt to poison and kill a colony of bats.

Okay, now here's the right way to do it - two cases of proper exclusion, through one-way netting. No problem! Far more effective! Click on my main bat page, or read any of the below articles for more detailed information on how to solve a bat problem without killing the bats.
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Bat prevention methods

The author, David, is a bat removal expert with over 500 successful bat control jobs under his belt. I want to stress the importance of proper bat removal, and the value of these animals to the ecosystem. I've witnessed dozens of failed do-it-yourself bat jobs over the years, and it is not pretty - dead bats, horrible odors, rabies vaccinations, and so on. Bat removal work is not easy - I trained for two years learning, and even then, it took many jobs and hands-on training before I was competent. I highly recommend that you consult my list of wildlife control companies on the home page, and hire a professional to come out and look at your bat problem. Get a few quotes if you must.  And remember, do not perform any bat exclusions during the summer maternity months. For more general information and links, go to my main bat removal page. You can also read more about the subject on my how to kill a bat.

Customer Bat Email: How do I kill bats with poison? I have bats on just one side of my home under the aluminum siding and eave soffit where it became loose from a neighbors house fire yrs ago, my question is how do you prevent the bats from returning this yr or next unless you kill them? they have been there for over 20 yrs.I hung plastic one yr and they left after they couldnt get in their space, but they came back the folling do i eliminate their return??thanks sharona

My Response: Don't kill the bats. Just make sure that all openings, even down to 3/8 inch, are sealed shut, with a polyurethane sealant or caulk, and exclude them out of the main entry/exit hole at night. Or if you've tolerated it for 20 years and they migrate out every year, as you seem to indicate, just wait until they all migrate out, and then fix the aluminum siding! Simple. You don't even need to hire me, but if you want to hire me to fix the siding and seal the gaps shut, no problem.

Customer Bat Email: We are experience a huge problem about bats our wish is not to kill we want bats to live but far from our buildings, because during the mid-night it moves around and sometimes early when i wake up, i found having bat aside, which is bad and i dont feel the rest. Bats here are in a large number. So please we want rapid help before bats harm our lives.

My Response: I'd be glad to help you, and I'm glad that you do not wish to kill the bats - it's actually way easier to solve a bat problem if you don't kill them. I can come to your property and give you a full inspection and quote to remove the bats. Remember, I want to ensure that they are safely removed, so I keep my price low, so that you hire me instead of someone who will harm the bats.

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