How To Remove Bat Feces From Concrete

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There are plenty of different situations in which a bat infestation can become a problem, and while they can be a nuisance in a domestic property, there are also several other types of buildings in which bats can become a problem. Commercial and agricultural buildings can often be more difficult to rid of bats, because they have more access points that make it easy for the bats to get in and out, and these buildings will often have concrete floors where the droppings can build up. Along with being unsightly, these droppings can also cause a significant health hazard, so it is important that any concrete surfaces where the droppings have built up are cleaned.

Precautions To Take Before Carrying Out The Work

It is important to remember that bat droppings can carry a variety of different diseases and fungal bacteria, so you should be careful and take a few precautions before you actually start to clean any bat droppings. The first thing is that the fungal spores found in the feces can easily become airborne, so it is vital that you wear a mask that will prevent you from inhaling any such spores, while goggles will save such spores from getting into your eyes too. In order to prevent yourself from getting the droppings on your hands and skin, wear gloves and long sleeved clothing, and make sure you wash thoroughly after cleaning the feces.

Removing Loose Bat Feces

The first step to dealing with the feces that has built up is by bagging it and getting rid of it, and removing any loose bat feces is the first step to getting rid of the bat feces from the surface. You may need several garbage bags depending on the size of the colony that was there previously, but these can usually be moved with a trowel or even a shovel depending on how much droppings there are. You can also use a brush with firm bristles and a dustpan to pick up any feces that aren’t firmly stuck to the concrete, which makes dealing with the caked on feces a little easier.

Dealing With Feces Caked On The Concrete

When it comes to dealing with feces that is actually stuck to the concrete, you will need a cleaning agent that is enzyme based, as these are the best for removing the feces that is actually stuck on the concrete. Most of the feces should be fairly loose in any case, as it is mainly made up with the remains of insects that are the diet of bats, but when combined with urine some of the feces may need a cleaner to remove the feces. This shouldn’t need to be a major piece of work, as it is rare for the feces to be strongly stuck to the concrete.

Preventing The Build Up Of Bat Feces In The Future

While you will have needed to remove the bats before dealing with the bat feces itself, the important thing to remember is that if you want to prevent more bat feces from building up, you will need to keep the animals out of the building. One of the key things to deal with here is to try and make the surfaces where they roost uncomfortable, and having lighting pointed at these areas is one way to achieve this. Hanging netting just under the roosting spots can also help to keep the animals away. The problem is that buildings with concrete floors tend to have lots of openings for the bats, so protecting the areas where they like to roost is the best approach in these buildings.

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