Raccoon Urine and Pee

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When raccoons live in an attic, they defecate (poop) and urinate (pee) inside the attic. Sometimes they actually confine the bulk of the waste in a concentrated latrine area, but oftentimes they spread it all over the place. The feces are what you have to worry about more - they could contain raccoon roundworm. However, the urine is often what causes the stronger overall odor in the attic. Plus, the pee can soak through insulation and get on the wood or sheetrock, where it can stain.

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To clean an attic and get rid of the raccoon urine smell, I remove the insulation that is soaked in urine (it is now yellow and crusty) and I fog the whole attic space with a special cleaner. To learn more about this process, please read my attic cleanup and restoration page.

In this attic above, I removed all of this insulation before I sprayed to get rid of the smell of raccoon pee in the house.

Here are some customer emails I've received about raccoon urine and odor removal in attics:

Hi hope you’re well. Was doing some research and found your site. I hope you can give me some insight into this problem. I think we left the garage open over night and somehow a raccoon pushed the door and got into the house. He hid in the back of a walk-in closet for a while so I didn’t notice it when getting ready for work in the morning. When I came home, found the room in mayhem, with feces on the bed and urine all over the closet and floor. I thought the cats did it, until I actually saw the raccoon hiding on a shelf in the closet. Obviously, I ran out of there and we called animal control for Fairfax County, VA. They were able to trap the raccoon and it’s gone. My question is this, how the heck do I even start to clean up that room? We removed the feces and we were just planning on drying up the urine and mopping everything, but your article has made me get a little anxious. I also have several pieces of clothing and jewelry that have been contaminated with urine. Can those be cleaned somehow? We have 3 adults, a 5 yr old child, and 2 cats in the house. We don’t want anyone getting sick. Thank you so much in advance for any information you can give me. Sincerely, Rommaan

Hi Dave... great website you have. Just wondering what you think I should do about my furniture that is in a storage unit. I went there the other day and right when I opened the door it smelled like piss and I seen feces and urine spots. I called the manager and he says its from a raccoon. I didn't see any of the feces on my couches.. I left and stopped what I was doing after sticky almost dried urine got on my bare hand!! I have like $20 thousand worth of beds, living, dining, office furniture in there. Is this all garbage now? Does it all really need to be burned and thrown in a landfill? The storage company is saying they are not liable. I am so upset about all of this. I now have nothing. I feel like I contaminated myself by touching this urine... I hope I didn't expose myself to raccoon roundworm. Please let me know what you think I should do. I have renters insurance on the unit but it only covers $2000 and they don't cover vermin. :( Thank you for any advice you can give me in advance. Sincerely, Heather

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