How to Keep Vultures Away - Buzzard Removal

Below is my advice for keeping vultures away from your property, house, trees, or any other structure. However, if it proves ineffective in your case, you have the option to hire a Professional Wildlife Removal Company in your area to take care of the problem. You may also email me with any questions you have.

How to keep away vultures - Vultures are big birds which can be a nuisance in residential areas. The truth of the matter is that vultures are not a threat. However, they are heavy birds and can cause damage to property. Their sharp talons scratch the surface on which they land. They have unusually heavy droppings, these cause damage to property, dirty your property and are eyesores. Scaring away the vulture is the only option. Killing them is illegal as they are protected under the bird act.

The easiest way to scare any bird away is by making loud noises. This technique will work on vultures too. You can make noises by putting on loud music, clapping hands or heating pots against each other. The noise will scare away the bird. It is advisable to do this immediately the birds land on your yard.

Shiny objects can deter vultures. The back side of the CD is shiny. It will act as a good deterrent. Simply tie a cd to a helium balloon. Make sure the string you attach to the balloon is long enough. Position the balloon near the spot where the vulture perches. However, this method will not always work; the bird may play with the balloon.

Vultures are afraid of hawks and owls. Use this fear to your advantage. Of course, you cannot bring these carnivorous birds to your yard- they will cause more trouble than the vultures. To scare away the vultures put decoys of owls and hawks on nearby trees. The vultures will look for another place to perch.

Among the most effective methods of keeping away vultures or buzzards as they are also known is making roosting impossible. Shaking trees on which they perch before nightfall will work. Shaking the trees will make the bird look for another place to perch. Repeat this every day until the bird finally gives up and goes away. Vultures look for food during the day and sleep at night. They are most problematic at night.

The Turkey Vulture Society recommends the use of water squirting scarecrows. These scarecrows have motion sensors. Once here is motion in the yard, they release a jet of water. Activate the scarecrow at dusk. Once the bird returns at night to its nest settling will be made impossible. If this happens every day, the bird will go away for good.

Vultures are quite stubborn and will return after you scare them away. You have to be patient. Trapping them to relocate them is a bad idea. The best way to deal with them is to make perching impossible. Keep in mind vultures do not pose any threat to your health. For other bird removal and control information, go to may main bird removal page.

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