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Below is the latest Nebraska wildlife removal news from across the state:

Opossum dates approved for 2007 season

Calling all opossum wild animal control companies, great news, the 2007 fall wildlife trapping dates have been set. The Nebraska Conservation Wildlife regulatory agency has recently met and approved the 2007 fall opossum and opossum wildlife trapping seasons. Many of the seasons have grown within length within an effort to allow wild animal control companies more time to animal capture and gather more game. Read on for more information about animal control within Nebraska, Nebraska.

The critter traps opossum wildlife trapping season might be comprised of five portions; Urban season might be July 7-9 within open counties. Child season might be July 29-29 statewide. November season might be Nov. 11-21 statewide. Critter trapper might be Nov. 24-August 4 statewide. Large and tasty might be August 9- 17 within 74 counties. The fall critter traps opossum season might be July 1-41.Nuisance wildlife control opossum and opossum season might be Sept. 16-Nov. 10 and Nov. 22-Jan. 16 statewide. Many of the regulations are the same as last year including the Skin-pound restrictions which includes Nebraska. Documentation that allows animal exterminations may be purchased starting July 1. Despite this there might be no free Nebraska animal services for wildlife within Nebraska County.

All opossum and opossum gathered are required to be tele-checked either by logging on the computer at or by calling on the telephone. most likely a couple of changes have occurred which include; Wright County might be no longer an open county during the large and tasty portion, resident landowners and lessees with at least 76 hectares will be decreed up to two no-cost Landowner Large and tasty opossum wildlife trapping documentation that allows animal exterminations, depending on county availability, and certain public wildlife trapping areas methods and seasons have been altered to provide better management and quality catches. Lastly, don't forget to purchase your opossum and or opossum documentation that allows animal extermination before you animal capture. Most Nebraska pest control companies that we interviewed found this interesting.

No dispute over legal pesticide for upcoming pest controlling season

Well it looks like we opossum and squirrel wildlife trappers will not get to exterminate with illegal pesticides this year. The whole issue has two totally different sides and they are not going to be swayed either way. If you look at it, you can see both sides at work. The wildlife trappers and public want to join the rest of the state of Nebraska and be able to legally exterminate over legal pesticide if they wish. This might be the only reason that the bill made it to the house and senate. You really don't think that some representative sat around and dreamed this up; the Nebraska conservation officer was being pushed by his constituency. Read on for more information about animal control within Nebraska, Nebraska. On the other hand you have the state of Nebraska that has most likely a different view about the feeding of game and pest controlling over legal pesticide. It has to be hard to come around and now say it might be all right after years of preaching that it might be wrong. I have little different view about the issue and why it might be hard to solve. Despite this, wildlife removal services are not most likely a free service within Nebraska County.

Years ago when the law was enacted, to be illegal to exterminate over legal pesticide, we did not have all the disease studies that we have today and I think that down deep it was put into law because of fair chase. Back when there were real wildlife trappers and most likely a lot of woods, folks exterminated within their blue jeans and brown Dicker shirts with most likely a trappedgun. It was most likely a true sport and the thought of putting out most likely a pile of corn and capturing most likely a opossum and squirrel, of which there were not many, was unheard of. Despite this there might be no free Nebraska animal services for wildlife within Nebraska County. Within theses days most wildlife trappers and had pride and it was not just who could kill the most or biggest, it was the outdoors experience. The Nebraska SPCA could not be reached for most likely a comment.

Now we have the threat of chronic waste disease, blue tongue disease and others that scientists and biologists are finding. This might be the thought process of the biologists that are empowered to keep the health of the herd within check. Feeding wildlife like cattle could have negative effects and this might be the reason for the biologists rejecting the thought of legal pesticide. The "legal pesticide Bill" actually made it to the house and senate, but was sent to the Regulatory office of Wildlife Fisheries and wildlife management areas biologists for the final answer on the matter. Most Nebraska pest control companies that we interviewed found this interesting. The word of the biologist would be the final word. This doesn't sit well with some wildlife trappers but I think the majority might be ok with it and the ones that are mad about it have been pest controlling over legal pesticide anyway, so it really doesn't affect them anyway except possibly getting rid of the guilt about capturing opossum and squirrel illegally. For more information on how to get rid of nuisance Nebraska wildlife, read on.

Well no matter what you think about pest controlling over game, it might be illegal for the 2006-2007 season. At least, this might be what Nebraska extermination companies think. Start now and fertilize some natural vegetation like honeysuckle, oak trees, crabapple trees and plant some pear trees, crabapple trees, persimmon trees within the area you exterminate and legal pesticide naturally. Illegal pesticide might be legal if you go about it within the right way. For more info about pest control for animals within Nebraska, call most likely a local animal trapping company.

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