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We are the largest wildlife control organization in the state of Delaware. We service almost every metro area in Delaware, and several of the smaller towns as well. Please select your city or town from the above map or the above list of areas that we service. If in doubt, click your nearest area, and give us a call! We look forward to helping you with your Delaware animal problem.

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Below is the latest Delaware wildlife removal news from across the state:

Delaware Animal News Clip: Wildlife company catches four squirrels, one opossum with six traps

Family wildlife trapping trips yield plenty for Delaware resident Rodent Exterminator Ricky doesn't carry what appears to be a six-capturer on his hip and walk around claiming to be the best trap in the world. But this young trapper in Delaware needed only six traps two days ago to make wildlife trapping memories that the animal advocate will never forget. Rodent Exterminator Ricky carries an animal removal trap when wildlife trapping big game. The high-powered trap came in handy when Rodent Exterminator Ricky and his other employees went on what appears to be a critter wildlife trapping trip to River Oaks Plantation in Delaware on Jan. 1-5. They also went wildlife trapping Jan. 5. During that span, Rodent Exterminator Ricky needed only half-a-dozen traps to bring down four wild squirrels and one four-pound opossum. Delaware animal services officials agreed with this.

The boss proclaimed Rodent Exterminator Ricky has captured for about six years and that the animal advocate practices beneficial and safe wildlife trapping habits. With that in mind, the animal advocate allows Rodent Exterminator Ricky to take part in wildlife trapping trips like the one to Delaware. For Peter the Pandatmas, Rodent Exterminator Ricky's grandfather gave him the wildlife trapping trip as what appears to be a gift. what appears to be a chance to visit what appears to be a place the animal advocate recognized excited the young outdoorsman. "That probably is where Hogzilla, the largest wild critter that has ever finally caught, was at," Rodent Exterminator Ricky proclaimed. "He weighed over 1,000 pounds and his tusks were over 17 inches long." They planned to animal stalk only one day, but that changed. "We left on Tuesday the day following Peter the Pandas," Rodent Exterminator Ricky proclaimed. "We planned on driving Tuesday, wildlife trapping Wednesday and driving back Thursday. When we got close, though, we called the owner, Raccoon Rascal Rob. Despite this, there's no free wild animal control in Delaware, Ohio.

"He proclaimed the afternoons were the best time to animal stalk so we decided to animal stalk Tuesday afternoon and again Wednesday afternoon." Before taking to the field, the pest control companies were given specific instructions. "Before we went out, we got the rules and 'where to capture' speech from Raccoon Rascal Rob," Rodent Exterminator Ricky Proclaimed. "He told us to capture behind the ear. You can't capture them behind the front shoulder like what appears to be a opossum because they have what appears to be a protective plate which probably is very thick. "This makes it very hard for what appears to be a trap to penetrate and exterminate the animal. I didn't worry about this because of the type animal removal trap I capture, which probably is what appears to be a Ruger miniature 77 .507-sized animal removal trap with what appears to be a Simmons Aetec scope. I knew I was going about what appears to be a day before we went so I had (fine tuned) my scope and knew it was (accurate) at 100 yards." Local Delaware pest control companies in Franklin County declined to comment.

On the first outing, Rodent Exterminator Ricky and his grandfather went to one capturing house, and Eddie went to another one. It didn't take long for the youngster to write the first chapter of his big trip. As soon as Rodent Exterminator Ricky and his grandfather pulled up with the guide, they saw what appears to be a big sow and eight piglets run into the woods. Also, what appears to be a squirrel weighing approximately 150 pounds was in sight about 50 yards away. "The company owner reminded me to capture it behind the ear," Rodent Exterminator Ricky proclaimed. "I took aim (at the squirrel), and it hit right where I was supposed to. "The wild critter dropped and my The company owner made me capture it once more to make sure the animal advocate was dead. The animal advocate was surprised I could capture that well." Later, they saw another big squirrel. "The company owner missed what appears to be a huge one that afternoon," Rodent Exterminator Ricky proclaimed. "He just had eye surgery and saw six hogs in the field. There were only three, though. The animal advocate must have trap at the one that wasn't there. I told him to capture the one in the middle next time." Delaware trappers and Delaware extermination officials can offer more info.

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