Will a pest control company help to remove skunks?

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Skunks are capable of much havoc if they break into a property or house. Even though a skunk won't spray at you unless it feels cornered or attacked, they are still notorious for that pungent-smelling, long-lasting oily liquid that they spray at humans and pets. That aside, they are also infamous burrowers as they search for grubs using their sharp claws. Golf courses, gardens, and yards are not safe from skunk destruction and you are well rid of them.

However, a pest control company will not help you with your skunk issues. This is simply because pest control companies only deal with insects and not rodents, talk more of big ones like skunks. Pest control companies ordinarily handle issues relating to the prevention and control of insects that infest human habitations. All pest-related health risks and hazards are up their ally as well. They safeguard you and your household from threats posed by insect infestation.

Pest companies offer emergency services and year-round protection from insects such as termites, wasps, ants, spiders, bedbugs, cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes, flies, ticks, gnats, mites, weevils, stink bugs, earwigs, fruit flies, beetles and others.

Who You Need
There is a marked difference between pest control companies and wildlife control companies in terms of their specializations within the animal control space. And any homeowner looking to hire a professional to solve their skunk problem had better be informed about it.

While searching for a professional to help with your skunk problem in the local yellow pages for instance, don’t look at providers listed under Pest Control or Pest Exterminator. You would get better results when you search under the Animal Removal or Wildlife Control section.

It saves you a lot of time and cost when you hire the right professional the first time round. Wildlife experts are trained and experienced in handling large mammal pests unlike pest exterminators like Terminix and Orkin whose specialty is in insect pests. Also, it's more likely that a pest control company would kill the skunk. Read the guide Should You Remove Skunks Yourself Or Hire A Professional?

A wildlife control company would:

-Handle the entire process for you and even recommend repairs and precautions to ensure that the animals do not return. A non-professional is likely to stop after the sighted opossum has been removed.
-Evaluate the extent of the infestation and damage, and customize an effective trapping and removal plan for your peculiar situation. There are several different approaches to remove a skunk.

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