How much does rat control cost? Rat extermination prices

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Rat removal costs vary by company and situation, of course. Here are some examples of the price to exterminate rats from a home, building, or attic. The key to the process lies in inspecting the building, and finding every last entry hole the rats are using to get inside, and sealing them shut with steel. Then it's a matter of trapping and removing the rats inside, and possibly cleaning up.

$200 total: If you have a very simple case, which requires minimal repairs to a small house in good repair, and which only requires two service visits total (one to set the traps and one to remove all the trapped rats) you might expect to pay as low as this.

$500 total: If you have a more common case, in which a few areas need to be sealed around the home, and 3+ service trips are required to trap and remove all the rats, the cost will be more like this. This price is more common.

$1000 total: If you need several repairs, or some difficult repairs, and if the building is more challenging with a high steep roof. Or if there are many rats, requiring several service visits. Or if the attic space needs cleaning.

$2000 total: A complex rat job, with lots of areas to seal, some difficult repairs, lots of trapping required, several service visits, and attic cleanup required.

$ INFINITE total: If you hire a PEST CONTROL company, or EXTERMINATOR, they will schedule you for monthly or quarterly treatments that last FOREVER. They just spread poison around and maybe do some shoddy repairs. Their whole goal is to get you on a service contract forever. Do not hire such a company. Never hire anyone that uses poisons. Poison = pay forever, never solve the problem. Hire a WILDLIFE REMOVAL company.


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FREE rat removal: If you want free rat control, you can attempt to solve the problem yourself. To do so, please read my 5 Step guide: How to get rid of rats to learn how.

How much does rat removal cost? Having rats around your home is never a pleasant proposition. These animals can be quite destructive in the way that they treat your property, chewing holes in the wall, tearing apart books, ripping apart your clothing and blankets, and leaving their droppings just about everywhere they go. They get into your food, make your kitchen a mess, and leave you pulling your hair out trying to get rid of them.

You could turn to such things as mousetraps and mouse poison to get rid of, but these kinds of things post their own kind of for you. You don’t want to use poisons because it means that rats are dying and decaying in the walls of your home, and you may not like the idea of cleaning up rats after they have been crushed by the mousetrap. This leave you looking for alternatives.

One that you may want to employ is to use of an exterminator or pest control agency to remove the rats. You know that these professionals will know exactly how to get these creatures, so it makes sense to turn to somebody who can really do the job for you. Your one problem is that you want to know how much does rat removal cost before you decide to actually implement this measure?

Because of the fact that rat control is a more common kind of problem then say trying to trap a raccoon or a possum, you will likely find that rates for these services can be fairly reasonable. Giving you an exact price is completely impossible, however. There are a number of factors that would help to determine what costs would be. These kinds of things include the number of competitors, the area you live it, and how much experience the agency has in handling these kinds of problems.

It would be clear that if there are a larger number of competitors then the price is going to be lower. The same is true that if you have a more experienced group, they may be more expensive than somebody who’s more of an amateur or new to the business. It’s really going to be dependent upon factors like this that can help you to determine whether they can handle your rat problem, and what the cost he will be.

As a suggestion, there is one thing that you should consider before deciding to call any agency. Depending upon where you live, you may find that your local college or university would capture and remove the rats from your home at no cost to you whatsoever. The reason behind this is that they could use the rats in their own laboratory experiments or in test that they were looking to run, and may feel that your rats would make the perfect specimens for them to use. While this may not work out for you, it really doesn’t hurt for you to call and see if they have a need that you can fill, or at least if they can recommend to you agencies that would cost you significantly less to hire.

Go back to the Rat Removal page, or for more instructions read my How to get rid of rats guide, or learn specifically about How to remove rats in the attic. Read more about Do Wild Rats Make Good Pets?

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