How To Get A Rat Out Of Your Bedroom

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Rats can be very hard to deal with when they gain entrance into your house, and worse still, your bedroom. They make annoying scratchy and squeaky noises, plus they are very good at keeping out of sight, coming out mostly at night. Even a single rat can be a menace in a bedroom as they multiply rapidly and you may soon have a nest of rats in your room if you do not act fast.

Out of the many rat elimination methods out there, the single one that would put an end to your rat issue is to identify its entry holes and block them. Without this essential step, every exercise in ridding your house or room of rats would be a temporary fix.

Inspect your room thoroughly for signs like scratch marks, faecal remains, foul odours, scurrying sounds, signs of damage and so on. Places to check include vents, walls, under large furniture, behind wall fixtures, roofs, soffits, and everywhere there is a hole. Every hole, no matter how small, is a possible entry point. It has been observed that rats can enter through holes as small as a quarter of an inch, just so long as their heads can fit into it.

Set Traps
Leaving the door open will not work for rats as they are very comfortable nesting in human spaces. Besides, it would just go into another room. The way to get rid of the unwanted visitor is to trap it. Read more detail on How to trap rats page, but use any of these:

One-way exclusion funnel
All identified rat entry holes must have been sealed off except one (and it should lead outside) prior to setting this up. Place the funnel on the one remaining entry point and carefully fix it over the mouth of this opening. Once the rat goes out through it, it would be unable to go back inside. After successfully removing the rodents, proceed to seal off this one remaining opening to prevent any re-entry.

Glue Trap
It consists of a really strong adhesive to which rats get stuck by their paws as soon as they attempt to walk over it. It must be checked often so that the rat does not stay stuck to the glue trap for hours, days or even weeks, finally dying inhumanely of hunger and thirst.

Snap Traps
The trap goes off when a rodent steps on its trigger plate, usually drawn by a juicy bait; the spring system is released, snaps and kills the rodent instantly.

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