How to Kill a Coyote

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If you are having a problem with a nuisance coyote or two, you may want to kill the animals to solve the problem. That is an option, but they can also be trapped and relocated.

One of the widely used methods of killing Coyote is the gun. The best time to have a shot is early morning or late evening. You need to be silent and avoid any kind of distraction that could alert it and result in its escape. Once you have a clear and close view, just point an shoot. You must have a good quality powerful gun as coyotes are not small in size.

Traps are widely used to catch and kill a coyote. There are a number of options available in the market for you to choose from. Jaw leg hold trap is one of the most popular ones and catches the leg of the animal. There is a trigger which activates and releases the jaw whenever an animal steps on it. Once caught you have a few options of killing it. Bait is necessary in order to attract the animal to the trap. The first option of killing is letting the animal stay in the same condition for next few days. This would result in it dying due to dehydration, psychological trauma or simply due to the climate. The trap might also prove fatal in a few cases as it can result in swelling, fracture or self-mutilation. You can also use a gun of a knife at this stage to kill the animal. Be very careful as it might attack you. The biggest problem related to the method is that chances of non-targeted animals getting caught are really high. This might include your own pet as well. The danger increases many fold in case there are children in the house.

Denning is the process in which poisonous gases are pumped into the dens of the coyotes killing everybody inside it. This includes the young coyotes as well. The practice is again inhumane and can harm others around the area as well.

The use of snares has also increased a lot in the recent past. It is a strangling device with loops and wires that catches the animal’s body and neck to cut off the supply of air. It takes a few days to kill the animal. The elimination of used blood from jugular vein is also prohibited. At the same time, heart pumps the blood through the veins to brain. This result is brain swelling over a period of time and finally bursting. This is again a very painful and inhumane method which must be avoided.

Poisoning is another method that can be used to kill a coyote. Two of the most popular poisons for the purpose are Compound 1080 and sodium cyanide. Both of these are really poisonous and can kill even humans with real ease. Proper care is very important while handling these chemicals. These are used in a special spring loaded mechanism which unleash the poison whenever it is disturbed by somebody. The chemicals are colorless, odorless and tasteless and kill in a matter of seconds. Bait is also used with the mechanism to attract a coyote. The poison is so powerful that if an animal consumes the flesh of another one killed due to this, it would also die within minutes. The poison causes heart attack and render muscles the ability to work. Not only inhumane and banned in most parts of the United States, the method is a dangerous one because of the poisons involved. Sufficient protection and precaution is a must while using this method. However, the use of poison for the purpose must be avoided and it is always better to look for other means.

Killing of coyotes is certainly not the best idea and the correct solution to the problem. It by no means is necessary and there are a number of other ways to look up to. The first option is to go in for a live trap. Bait is used to attract the coyote and it can be released at a far off place. Fences around the house can be effective in keeping them out. Taking the help of an expert in setting these is very important. Electric current can also be used in these to keep coyotes away. Repellents including the wolf urine are also effective in keeping them away.

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