How to get rid of bats out of the attic when you have a bat phobia

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Well, to start with; don't ignore the problem! Those bats might be in the attic right now, but a colony that constantly grows (which it will if it has been left alone for long enough) will also require more space. It will only be a matter of time before that colony — or just a couple of the bats within it — start to venture elsewhere, looking for a bigger space to accommodate their bigger numbers. In turn, it will only be a matter of time before you are physically faced with a bat, rather than just having to listen to them flapping around outside your window or in your attic every night.

The "proper" name for a bat phobia is "chiropterophobia," which is a bit of a handful, admittedly. Not quite a handful as having to deal with the flying beasts in your building, though.

When you have a phobia of bats, you're clearly not going to want to deal with the situation yourself, but calling in your Dad or bravest person you know is only really going to benefit you if they are an expert in the field of bat removal.

Drastic? No.

Necessary? Yes.

A bat removal expert is someone who has not only a greater understanding of bats, but also knows how the law works when it comes to getting rid of them; knows all the safest, quickest, most effective, and humane methods of getting rid of them, that also stay within the arms of the law; and will probably have much better tools for the job than you will.

Oh, and they probably won't have a case of chiropterophobia. (Have you tried to say it out-loud yet? It's funny — give it a try!)

A phobia of bats is really not going to help when you have them in your home or place of work but, by hiring in an expert, you won't need to get anywhere close to them. They'll deal with the entire problem. Or, at least, they will if you hire the right company.

They'll exclude the bats, using staggered exclusion in most cases. This is actually a very clever way of getting rid of your pests, because it encourages them to find somewhere new to live and roost, without having to intervene too much.

Exclusion devices (one-way devices) allow bats to leave the roost and look for food. Sadly, when it comes to bedtime, usually an hour or so just before sunrise, the bats are left unable to get back in. The devices only allow movement one-way: out the building and preferably somewhere never to cause a problem again.

There are a few occasions where exclusion devices will not help, and this is, again, why you will want to make sure you're hiring the right person for the job. If you have baby bats in the attic roost — a maternity roost — getting rid of the adults using exclusion devices only resolves half of the issue. The youngsters are probably still going to die. they aren't yet old enough to leave the roost and now won't get the chance to learn — you have removed their mothers from the equation.

Bat removal and, in fact, pest removal in general, is a pretty tricky subject, made so much worse when you have a fear or phobia of the animal you're coming up against. Make sure you're hiring the right people for the job, and that phobia will be a passing, forgotten memory in no time.

Unless … you want to tackle the problem head-on and overcome your fears, of course? Go back to the Bat Removal page, or learn about bats in the attic with my Bats in the Attic guide. 4 Steps to Removing Bat Guano the Right Way

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